Ministers of the Faith

"Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Indianapolis operate as an extension of the family to unite faith and educational excellence through Gospel values, high educational standards, prayer and sacraments.

Level 1 - Teach, Lead, Serve

Teach Lead Serve, developed by Dynamic Catholic, informs teachers as ministers, deepens their understanding of Church teaching, and inspires them in their calling to Catholic education.

$20 (1 year subscription)

Level 2 - Foundations - Creed

Creed takes the learner on a journey from the beginning of God's loving creation of mankind to the Church's divine understandings of the End Times.

$29 (1 year subscription)

Level 3 - Foundations - Life In Christ

Life in Christ unfolds the fullness of God's law revealed through Christ. Founded in God's roadmap for happiness, this Pillar covers the elements of moral decision-making.

$29 (1 year subscription)

Level 4 - Foundations - Liturgy and Sacraments

Liturgy and Sacraments are essential to God's plan to lead us to Him, body and soul. In this Pillar we explore their transforming power to unite us to Christ and His mystical body.

$29 (1 year subscription)

Level 5 - Foundations - Prayer and Spirituality

Prayer and Spirituality is friendship with God, and this Pillar navigates us through the joys and difficulties of the spiritual life.

$29 (1 year subscription)

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